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10 possible ways to  immigrate to Canada without job offer

So you wanna immigrate to canada?

This is based on researched done to find out what are the ways that people have used to get to Canada. There are a growing number of people writing to us to inquire about immigration issues.  We are not immigration experts, but we researched the best practical ways for someone to go to Canada without a Job offer.

  1. Find a Canadian girlfriend or wife

This is one way of getting to Canada, if your partner is willing and able to sponsor you, you might be illegible for a visa. But avoid marital frauds, this isn’t a good option and the consequences are not worth it. If you do genuinely find a good Canadian girl to marry you, then you might stand a chance.

  1. Get a study visa

Apply for a visa to study but make sure that you are the best in your class; this will allow potential employers to notice you. Nobody wants to hire a mediocre student. We must all learn to be excellent

  1. Swim across the ocean

Swimming is said to be good for the heart, so get in the waters and swim across, I am sure that by the time you arrive in Canada, they will gladly take you. The cold, deep blue sea full of sharks isn’t at all welcoming, so this option falls off. Let’s look at the next option

  1. Mail yourself through a freighting agency

This is inspired by the Australian man who mailed himself from UK to Australia; this was done because he lacked money for a plane ticket. You will need to inquire from companies such as DHL if they do offer such a service.

  1. Acquire work experience

Get a job in your country and excel in the job, this could open up doors for you. The future is for those who are willing to work hard. Get the right kind of work based qualifications and just maybe this could be what you need.

  1. Sneak and hide in a plane

This is very difficult and dangerous; it is advisable to not attempt this. In fact there isn’t evidence that a person has been successful in this attempt. Therefore don’t try this.


  1. Teleport yourself

Wikipedia defines Teleportation or teletransportation as “the theoretical transfer of matter or energy from one point to another without traversing the physical space between them.”  This simply just means disappear and reappear in intended location

  1. Walk

The bible says that if you believe then you can. Maybe walking on water can be the done but if your country has no coast then maybe you will have to mix one or two of the options mentioned above.

  1. Ask for asylum

There are many grounds for which a person can qualify for asylum. The basic element to remember is that to qualify for asylum one needs to prove that he is at risk in their country of origin and their government is unable or unwilling to protect them.

  1. Best option is get a working visa

The ideal is for a person to get the working visa. Find out what are the requirements. This will be the best and simplest option. Follow this option and you will be happy




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