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10 things that are forbidden during sex (Part 1)

Sex is a sensitive topic; it can break or make relationships. So below are the lists of the 10 things that should never happen.

  1. Going straight to third base and not kissing :                                                                      This applies mostly to men, especially African men.  The woman will need to be aroused, her body must be made ready for the experience, so kissing is part of it. But women must also learn to brush their teeth, its simple
  2. Biting your partner                                                                                                                          This might sound interesting to some but this could be close to masochism, which is associating sex with pain. Imagine biting your partners ears like mike Tyson, that is silly and quiet stupid, it could get you kicked out faster than you can ejaculate
  3. Focusing on the sexual organs                                                                                                     You will need to know that all the body can be used as a tool or sexual gratification. Some people can be turned on by touching their little toes and others by tickling, so be smart and
    Problems-in-The-Bedroom-1472613eplore, don’t just look for the vagina or the penis, take your time and do it slowly


  1. Keeping silent and not saying anything

This could feel abit awkward; it is always great to hear your partner participating in the act. Silence is mood killer, some people will keep quiet and the partner might just as well be masturbating.


  1. Climaxing too soon/ too late

This applies mainly to men.  Control your muscles, even if that is hard, you need to make sure that things are done in a “professional” manner.  Take time in foreplay it helps both of you enjoy the moment but don’t do it for too long as well as it can also lead to early ejaculation. Of course many people think that by taking herbs, they can solve this problem.

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