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7 Incredibly ways for Guys to keep themselves clean

This is based on a discussion I had recently with a couple, the wife was complaining that her man didn’t know how to clean himself. After poking around I found that many man have no knowledge on how to clean themselves.

Sadly women have to live with the knowledge. My focus is mostly african Man, who think that it is ok to be unclean.

1. The importance of clean underwear

every men and women must know that the best way to know if someone is clean is to look at their underwears. It is ideal for men to wear white underwears and to keep it clean. Ladies beware of men who don’t wear white underwears it could be a sign of uncleanliness.

2. using lemon for under-arms

it is important to use roll-on and the rest of it but water with lemon helps to reduce the foul smell causing germs. Before using any other chemical or whatever, make sure that you are clean.

3. brushing teeth and tongue

Some people want to be kissed, but don’t deserve to be kissed. What I mean is kissing should be done in a healthy and fun way. When either of it isn’t part of the equation, it is made difficult to enjoy. Guys, ask any ladies if it is fun to kiss a bad smelling mouth. There are those who have this problem as a health condition. You will of course need to handle it with the necessary cares so as not to alienate people.

4. Washing private organs

Your penis must be clean, wash it and maybe even trim or shave it, don’t let sweat accumulate and start to give off foul smell. You must also wash it after every sexual incounter, because it does come in contact with the fluids from the women. Generaly the bushy the penis area is, the unclean it also is.

5. Washing of the Anus

however disgusting this may sound, but this is very important. After being the toilet, most people use toilet paper, but toilet papers are not always efficient, so during bath or shower please use water to clean your anus and surrounding areas. You should check if your anus area grows hair or not and if you do grow then make sure that it is kept very clean.

6. Love at first sniff

Guys, scent plays a part in attracting and in making people feel comfortable around you. I am not saying that you should irritate people around you with cheap perfume, remember people around must be comfortable. So perfume yourself at least once a day.

7. cleaning ears and belly button

Most people neglect those two places. The ears must be clean on the outside and not the inside. The belly must be cleaned very thoroughly





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