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Africa, Democrazy!!!


Democrazy is the word that is used in some circles when talking about democracy. This was defined by an American president as the rule of the people by the people. Yeh! I know this is all bulls&it. There is no such thing as the people rule, it is banks, the oil companies and the rest of them who are electing our leaders.

However one feature of democrazy is that people are free to say what they think. Generally insults are part of the game. There are many ways to insult a person in power. For example, if you want to call him a thief, what would you say?

The obvious answer would be saying “you are a thief” but another word would be a “borrower who never returns the property”, let us now apply, so if your president is caught up in a corruption scandal and is accused of theft, he can simply say “ hey I was just borrowing it for ever, I wasn’t stealing it.”

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