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Couples do get stuck together during sex? Natural or supernatural?

Can a penis really get stuck in a vagina during sexual intercourse? The situation known as “penis captivus” isn’t a myth, but it’s not common either.

Couples do get stuck together during sex

“The name says it all. “Penis captivus” is the medical term for when the penis is essentially held captive by the vagina during sexual intercourse. It gets stuck, neither partner can separate the bond, and this is not a myth. But for as terrifying as it sounds, does its severity really live up to the hype?” medical daily report. But in Africa, people who suspect their wives of cheating go to which doctors to get the magic portion

Example one: a few years ago a Kenyan man suspecting his wife of cheating went to see a watch doctor who provided him with a magic portion to apply on his wife. the unsuspecting wife went to see a his lover, while having sex. The two were stuck.

It surely sounds unbelievable, right? Believe it because it is true, as pastor had to be called to pray for them so that they could separated.

In Zimbabwe a man identified as Muleya was caught red-handed, busy enjoying horizontal gymnastics with a woman married to Simon Ndlovu.

“It was on Tuesday last of last week when a neighbour woke me up and urged me to go to the Ndlovus to catch glimpse of a unbelievable ‘magnetic’ development that had come true courtesy of Ndlovu’s wife. I went to their homestead and I found his wife sleeping with another man whose penis was stuck inside her organ.
“Ndlovu simply called upon other neighbours to come and witness the shocking incident that was taking place ‘live’ in his own bedroom. The visibly shocked Ndlovu then called a police neighbourhood watch member who advised him not to do anything that was against the law,” said the source.
“He left and went towards the bush. We then thought of following him after it crossed our minds that he could go and commit suicide but we couldn’t find him. The cheated man then came back in the morning in the company of another man who appeared to be a sangoma. When he got there, he asked the Muleya who was stuck to Ndlovu’s wife what they were doing.

“The man apologised and asked for be freed. He further claimed that he was willing to be fined for what he had done. Muleya said he was eager to pay five beasts to Ndlovu for what he had done. That is when Ndlovu advised the sangoma to free them. Ndlovu then said he had set up ‘runyoka’ on his wife as he never trusted her,” added the source.

Forbidden fruit is always great but Adam and Eve did get kicked out of the garden of Eden, then again, it could all just be a coincidences



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