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10 year old maths genius, Thanks to Esther for making us proud

A lot of African families in developed countries do not take the opportunity to educate their children, or maybe it is that African children do not realise the necessity to educate themselves.

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Around many dinner tables, Africans discuss this issue. How can we best achieve excellence within our communities? Our families need it, our communities need it, our countries need it and our continent needs it.

The British daily the Telegraph recently reported that Esther Okade enrolled in the Open University for a maths degree, and she is top of her class. The fact that she registered isn’t the issue but the fact that she is 10 years old.

Her mother, Efe said: “From the age of seven, Esther has wanted to go to university. But I was afraid it was too soon. She would say, ‘Mum, when am I starting?’, and go on and on and on. Finally, after three years she told me, ‘Mum I think it is about time’.”

This family has another prodigy; six-year Isaiah Okade is already taking an A-level in maths. The little Esther has a dream of running her own bank and she wants to be a millionaire.



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