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South Africa: A woman caught defecating in a pastor’s house

In the city of Kamatipoort in South Africa, a woman was caught in the kitchen of the house of a pastor defecating in a bucket.

Sitting in the kitchen of pastor Nsingwane, Mahlalela was caught by a child defecating in a bucket.

Immediately alerted the pastor was surprised to see an unknown naked woman in his kitchen with her waste.

” I was surprised to see this lady in my house and I wonder how she did it to get in the house because everything was locked ‘ said the Pastor.

When questioned by the police , Mahlalela said that she had fallen from a rope that she was using to fly.

” We are a team of 15 people working for a great master, we all hold unto the rope as it takes off and as I was in the back, I slipped and I fell into this house ” admits Mahlalela.

” That answer does not hold, because even if you are in full flight, you can not find yourself in my kitchen naked and defecating while my doors and windows show no traces of forced entry” retorted to the pastor.

Under several pressures, she finally admitted that she was there to perform evil deeds and attack mystically family pastor Nsingwane.



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