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Stanbic IBTC Launches #Together4ALimb Initiative for Children Without Limbs

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follow link The first time I held my boy after delivery, it was really devastating. I wept for days,” says ElfridaOsuma, mother of a child who was born without limbs.

Quetiapine is used alone or together with other medicines to treat depression, bipolar disorder enter site, Seroquel XR, Seroquel XR 14-Day Sample Kit She was probably crying because she knows that living in our society without a body part, or any kind of disability, is very challenging. Perhaps even more so for children.

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Our follow link Eastlake residences are thoughtfully-designed to create the perfect space for you to relax or entertain, and upscale community amenities serve to The cost of getting an artificial limb or prosthesis can be very high – a prosthetic limb costs an average of N1 – N1.5 million to buy and fit. And then there is the stigma!  So thefamily of these children often end up relying on others for help, sometimes with measures as desperate as begging.
Fortunately, Stanbic IBTC has undertaken to provide some children with prostheses as part of its #Together4ALimb Corporate Social Investment initiative. As well as the artificial limbs, Stanbic IBTC also gifts each of them with educational trust funds to ensure they get quality education.
With 5 children helped last year and another 8 this year, thirteen children now have the benefit of mobility that we too often take for granted.

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go to link Tablets is a brand of medicine containing the active ingredient Carbamazepine. Find out about side effects, who can take it and who shouldn’t On the initiative, Chief Executive of Stanbic IBTC Holdings, Sola David-Borha says:
“Stanbic IBTC’s corporate social responsibility has three areas of focus: health, education and economic empowerment. We wanted to have a cause that people will identify with and we arrived at health for children, specifically, prosthetic limbs. We are focused on children who are not well supported so that we can make a real difference in their lives.”

Book an appointment to see if http://assortedtechtalks.com/celebrex-capsules-200-mg-feel-relaxed.html is right for you There are many viable and effective prescription topical treatments for acne. At Clear Clinic, we And the benefit of the initiative is clearly evident. As MrsOsuma, whose son is one of the beneficiaries, put it:
“Imagine me saving N1 million yearly for prosthesis. How much is my salary?”

no period after provera 10mg (Ondansetron) is used for treating or preventing nausea and vomiting caused by cancer treatments such as chemotherapy and radiation therapy. And beyond the provision of prostheses and scholarships to beneficiaries, Stanbic IBTC is trying to raise awareness and encourage others to pitch in to boost access to prosthetic limbs by those who need them.

motrin ibuprofeno 200 mg ® is a diuretic which is an anthranilic acid derivative. LASIX tablets for oral administration contain furosemide as the active ingredient and the Last year, the financial institution organized a charity walk in Lagos to draw attention to children who need limbs. “The event (the charity walk) will go down in history as one of those with the most profound impact on the children of this country,” said MrsBolanleAmbode, wife of the Lagos State governor, who flagged off the 5-kilometre walk.

watch - 150 mg, 30 tab er 12hs starting at only .53 with our coupon. That is less than many insurance co-pays. This year’s walk is taking place on Saturday 24th September in Abuja. The walk kicks off at 7am from the Stanbic IBTC regional office at Plot 1049, Ahmadu Bello Way, Garki 2. Join us and let’s walk #Together4ALimb


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