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Zulu King Zwelithini accused of ‘hate speech’ at ICC

Johannesburg – There are a lot of reasons why the xenophobic violence occurred in South Africa but many believe that Zulu king Goodwill Zwilithini was behind the violence.

A nigerian Human right group seem to believe that the king has a case to answer and that the ICC is the right place for the king to be taken. The Socio-Economic Rights and Accountability Project (Serap) has already asked the prosecutor to investigate the  “the alleged complicity or negligence of South Africa’s police in preventing the xenophobic attacks that it said resulted from Zwelithini’s comments”.

It  “considers the use of speech by the monarch to promote hatred and/or incite violence against non-nationals such as Nigerians, particularly in the media as a clear violation of the provisions of the Rome Statute of International Criminal Court.”

South Africa was on fire as the xenophobic violence were happening in  KZN and Gauteng in April that left at least seven people dead and thousands displaced.

Zwelithini later lambasted the media for “choosing to deliberately distort what was an innocent outcry against crime and destruction of property”.





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