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Nigeria’s Most Successful Entrepreneurs Under 30

Nigeria, often referred to as the “Giant of Africa,” is not only rich in cultural heritage and natural resources but also brimming with youthful talent and entrepreneurial spirit. A new generation of Nigerian entrepreneurs is making significant strides across various industries, demonstrating innovation, resilience, and a keen sense of business acumen. Here, we highlight some of the most successful Nigerian entrepreneurs under 30 who are shaping the future of the nation and inspiring the next wave of business leaders.

1. Chinedu Azodoh

Co-founder of Metro Africa Xpress (MAX), Chinedu Azodoh, at 29, is revolutionizing transportation and delivery services in Nigeria. MAX uses technology to provide efficient and affordable mobility solutions, significantly improving urban logistics.

2. Olamide Olowe

Olamide Olowe is the founder and CEO of Topicals, a skincare brand that focuses on making the treatment of chronic skin conditions like eczema and hyperpigmentation fun and inclusive. Launched in 2020, Topicals quickly gained popularity and secured funding from high-profile investors, including some of the biggest names in the beauty and entertainment industry. Olowe’s innovative approach and commitment to diversity have earned her a spot on Forbes’ 30 Under 30 list.

3. Chika Madubuko

Chika Madubuko, 28, is the founder of Greymate Care, a platform connecting elderly care professionals with families in need of their services. Her innovative approach is addressing the growing demand for elderly care in Nigeria, ensuring quality support for the aging population.

4. DJ Cuppy

Florence Ifeoluwa Otedola, known as DJ Cuppy, is a 29-year-old musician, DJ, and entrepreneur. Beyond her successful music career, she has ventured into business with her own record label and foundation, promoting education and welfare initiatives across Nigeria.

5. Emmanuel Ademola Ayilara

At 28, Emmanuel Ademola Ayilara is making waves in the real estate industry as the founder of LandWey Investment Limited. His company focuses on providing affordable housing solutions, contributing significantly to addressing Nigeria’s housing deficit.

These young entrepreneurs exemplify the dynamic spirit of Nigeria’s youth, driving progress and innovation in various industries. Their contributions are pivotal in shaping the future of Nigeria, making them leaders to watch in the coming years.

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