Overpaid monarch in one of Africa’s poorest country

King Mswati III is africa’s only absolute monarch. He descends from a royal line and he responds to criticism by silencing the opposition

King Mswati

The king is reported to have a fortune of over £200,000; this is just because he is a King of a poor dysfunctional economy.

He said: “People shouldn’t be surprised at what I earn, in fact for what I have done for this country I should earn more”

“It is my duty to ensure that the swazi culture lives for many generations. Creation of Jobs, building of roads and attracting foreign direct investment in the country.”

“The enemy of the swazi people, the imperialists who promote democratic values which are foreign to culture want to destroy us. But we are resisting them with all our might.”

“The other day I told the minister of finance that the national treasury should now be registered in my name. I told them that my birthday must be made a public holiday and be celebrated like Christmas. The next week, I saw that there was a parliamentary bill prepared to make sure that it happens, believe me, I was so humbled.”

I am a humble human being; my people know it. That is why they are willing to do everything for me, and if they refuse to listen to their king like those people who are asking for election, I will punish them.

“I have several properties around the world, I think it’s not enough for a king, that is why I must increase the little money that I have.

Mswati finished by saying that if my people can’t afford bread, let them eat cake


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