South African Lottery winner throws away $ 1 million win because its evil

South African National lottery draw winner Duduzile Tshabalala has refused to accept her money, the one which she won in a live lotto draw. This is because of her new found faith.


Mrs Tshabalala who is a cleaner in a car wash in Kwazulu natal has been forced to return to her former work after throwing away her gains

“I consider blessed that I have chosen this life” said Tshabalala from her shack in Madadeni, “I wish no body to take that money so I burnt the ticket almost let it consume me.”

“I met my spiritual leader the day I bought the ticket. We started a long a interesting conversion. He showed me the light, he told me not to worry about life here on earth but to focus on life after this one,” Mrs. Tshabalala explains.

But it wasn’t long until things, she started receiving messages from family and friends telling her that she had been stupid

“In the back of my mind knew that it was a bad decision, throwing away a small fortune for each isn’t easy but it is the best thing that I have ever done, at first I thought that I couldn’t do it but I did and I thank my master.”

Dudu as she is fondly known by her friends is celebrating her new found meaning.

“I don’t think that people will understand, if they come to our religion they will understand and see the light and they will be cured” she admitted.

“Now I have learnt to see the people for the poison that they are and avoid places where you might come into contact with them, which could lead to temptation.”

We would have believed that she found satisfaction if she didn’t ask us for a lift to town. Unfortunately we were headed the opposite direction


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