I was impregnated by a snake in my dreams


Nigeria- this is the story of Kehinde Adegoke, 19 years old, who is from the Nigerian state of Oyo, said to have been impregnated by a snake.

She said that during many a times in her dreams, she dreamt that she was having sex with a snake. The snake used to transform itself into a man everytime it appeared to her.

The man turned back into a snake before it left. These dreams have been happening for the past 4 years and it is just recently that she received its seed and got pregnant.

In fact she only has one boyfriend.

She left her house of residence when she found out that she was pregnant and that her pregnancy was going to be considered like a “virging birth”

she said “I have never known a man in my life.” “ I spoke to my family and no body listened to me”

she was taken to many churches by her uncles, where she received “prayers” because she is supposedly obsessed.

She was forced to fast and pay for several days.

She is said to have given birth to a baby who had two teeth, she refused to breast feed the baby who died 2 days later.

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