10 reasons why Albinos’ are in danger in Tanzania

In some parts of Tanzania it is a dangerous affair to be an albino, there are reports that albinos body parts can be sold for thousands of dollars, this is a practice which must end.

Below are 10 facts about albinism in Tanzania:

1. Tanzania has the highest number of killings and attacks in Africa

2. Trade in body parts driven by belief albinos bring luck and wealth

3. Witchdoctors turning bodies worth thousands into charms and potions

4. Greed drives husbands to turn on wives, parents to turn on own children

5. Buyers thought to be some of Tanzania’s richest and most powerful people

6. Fears killings will rise as the presidential election approaches in October

7. It is believed albino body parts will bring a person wealth, or luck – and for that, people are willing to pay as much as $3,000 or $4,000 for a limb, or as much as $75,000 – about $50,000 – for the ‘full set’, a whole body.

8. incidence seem to increase during electoral periods

9. there are camps set up to house albinos around the country for their safety

10. Albinos are seen as curses, or ‘ghosts’ who can be wiped off the face of the earth, in many part of Tanzania

Source: dailymail

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