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People for hire at a funeral

The world is in the process of knowing a huge change, which is based on genocide, human trafficking or the products, and all these shady business who believe that the end is near. In terms of business Africa is a dump, but also African business sense. A business is now about to increase in Ghana and if it can boost the number of “likes” on social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and others) against a few tickets, Ghanaian think also do the same.
Welcome to the world of Ghanaian business, or we can help you boost your funeral. I miss people to your funeral, your dear deceased to mourn with you, passing it for a good man? Companies offers you professional who will come to meet your requirements.

Here are the different services offered by these companies.

Presence of people of good social class at the funeral
Crying and threatening to jump into the grave
Crying and rolling on the floor
Crying and a bit insulting
Cry Normal
Weep with flowers in hand
Crying and eating

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