What Is Success and How to Achieve It?

Success is different for different people. Why can someone stay at home, take care of his or her family and believe that she or he is successful? Moreover, why do other people believe that she or he is? Or why does someone else take the position of a CEO of a big company and believes that he or she is a loser? Everything depends on how we perceive success.

What is your personal success? Which people are, according to your opinion, successful and who are losers? Why do you believe so? Dissertation bay com can give you some ideas about success and how different people perceive it, but in the end, your success is all about your own perspective.

How to Plan Your Success

You cannot be successful if you do something that you hate. That is why you should plan your life properly. Here are some things you should think about:

  • Identify the field which you want to be successful in. Do you have a special hobby? Can it turn into something that will change the world? If you love your work, then building a career in your company can be your success.
  • Can your activity make you famous and remembered by other people?
  • There are cases when a person has no hobbies. Remember your favorite activities when you were at school. Did you have a favorite subject? Can it become the field in which you can achieve success?

Goal Setting

After you are done with this, define your goals. Do you know what results you will achieve tomorrow? What will your activities bring you in a year, or in five years? Define short-time goals, make sure you understand clearly what they can bring you in the long term. Always define an exact timeframe for each goal.

Are your goals defined clearly enough? Make sure you are very precise. Don’t use general phrases for goal setting that don’t mean anything, like “I want to become rich”, or “I want to become famous”. As you can imagine, wealth has different definitions for different people and different circumstances. For somebody, being wealthy is having enough food for today, but this is not your goal, is it?

It is better if you don’t target something of global relevance. If your goals are too big, why not break them down into smaller achievements or into steps? For example, if you want to travel around the world, you can consider such steps, as:

  • Finding an additional source of income;
  • Saving on things which you can survive comfortably without;
  • Traveling.

Do You Have a Purpose in Your Life?

If you haven’t achieved what you want to, it may mean that your life isn`t designed for that. Why not change your life so that you enjoy every moment of it? Why not fill it with joy through everyday activities that you like and that can make you a successful person one day?


If you imagine yourself in a different situation, or in a place of another person, it may be an indicator that you need change. Don’t escape from your real life in the world of dreams and imagination but change your world. Once you feel that you are in your place where you belong, you will start dreaming about your achievements and growth, but not about being another person.

Every Second of Your Life Is Valuable

Make every second of your life meaningful. Do you like doing something? Why not spend your time on it? Do you have some hobby but it doesn’t bring an immediate result? Don’t worry, just don’t measure your productivity by achievements or material results, measure it by engagement and the joy you get from it.

Being Lazy Is Human

People get tired. That is normal. They get even tired of favorite activities. Yes, just lying down on a sofa and doing nothing is normal. Sitting in the garden with a drink and something tasty, just watching trees and listening to birds is normal. This is one step closer to your success: learn to take a rest even from favorite activities. Otherwise, you will stop enjoying them.

Be Consistent

Once you decided something, stick to your plan. You are responsible for your life, it is your task to make it full and enjoyable. The success of anyone is in this. It doesn’t matter what other people say, their success isn’t your success. Be consistent in your decisions and actions, and one day, you will feel that your success is with you.

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