10 reasons why Barack Obama is a Kenyan Spy

Debate within the American society whether Barack Obama is a Muslim or a Christian has taken a new twist this time, there is surmounting evidence that the American President is actually a Kenyan spy.  The Kenyan spy agency (NIS) has declined to comment but sources within the organisation have told us “we have infiltrated the American government for years. Mr Obama was conceived with the sole purpose of becoming the American president and of serving the interest of the Kenyan People. He is known as agent 008, the year of his election.


Our investigation has uncovered the following e 10 Reasons why Barack Obama is a Kenyan Spy;

  1. His name Barack is actually Baraka which literally means blessings; it has been disguised to evade detection by the American Authority.
  2. His place of birth has always been contentious subject. The truth is that he was born on an island, just that the Island is called Mombasa.
  3. Mr Obama uses diversion by letting people focus on the Arab world, so the truth of his espionage can’t be uncovered.
  4. It was reported that he wanted to send US Army to fight Ebola. “Oh Mr President, really? Africans need anti-bodies, not American soldiers”, only an African would want to use force where logic is required.
  5. Obama has visited Kenya 3 times and the last time was said to be brief. All spies brief.
  6. He is the first American president who actually belongs to a tribe “Luo”.
  7. In order not to blow his cover, Obama did not go to Kenya on his last visit to Africa.
  8. Like Bond girls, Michel Obama plays the part of the Bond girl very well. She is always well dressed looking exquisite.
  9. President Obama left for Tanzania after his visit to South Africa.  Sources say Obama jumped out of Air Force one with no parachute and landed in Kenya, hijacked a Matatu and drove to see grandmamma.
  10. Let us follow the money by answering these questions, If President Obama is working for the Kenyans, The Kenyans are working for the Somalis, The Somalis are working for the Yemenis and the Yemenis are working for the Saudi’s and the Saudi’s are working for the Americans. Does it still make him a Kenyan spy?
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