10 Myths about Epilepsy everyone should know about

Here is a list of 25 Myths and Misunderstandings about Epilepsy

living with seizure

1. People with Epilepsy usually have an Intellectual Disability True False
2. People with Epilepsy can be identified by the way they look True False
3. People with Epilepsy can predict the future True False
4. Epilepsy is contagious… you can catch it from anyone True False
5. Most seizures last from a few seconds to a few minutes True False
7. Some people have seizures in their sleep called Nocturnal Epilepsy True False
8. People with Epilepsy always have convulsions (shakes) True False
9. When a person has a seizure he/she is in danger of swallowing their tongue True False
10. Some people experience a warning before a seizure, allowing them to move to a safe area True False

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