Effective Strategies to Becoming A Good Student [4]

Becoming an outstanding student does not happen overnight. It is also not the sole responsibility of the teacher. The teacher is only the facilitator of knowledge. The student must come prepared to take in that knowledge, make connections, and be able to apply it to real life situations. This is more natural for some students than it is for others, but everyone can improve and become a better student if they desire to do so.

Recognizing the need to improve your standing as a student is the first step in actually earning better grades and absorbing more of the information taught in your courses. With small lifestyle changes, organization and dedication, you can become the student that you want to be.

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Here are some more effective strategies that will help you become an outstanding student:

10. Be organized.

If you aren’t, get organized. It’s hard to do well in school when you don’t know where anything is and you are constantly losing things. Organize your files on your computer, your notebooks and other class items. Ideally, you will have a notebook for each class so that you have a place to put items for each course you are taking.

11. Do not read in bed.

Read sitting up (not in bed), with a pencil to mark up the text. A clean text is an unread one. And whenever the professor reads a passage out loud, mark it if you haven’t done so already. It may be on the next test.

12. Do More than Required

The best students go above and beyond. They do more than the minimum. If the teacher assigns twenty problems, they do twenty-five. They seek out learning opportunities. They ask their teachers for additional work, read books/magazines, research ideas online, and are excited about learning.

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