Habits To Imbibe If You Want to Be A Millionaire [4]

In spite of the economic recession in Nigeria and in most parts of Africa, millionaires are made everyday. While millions of people wonder what special feat got them to that position, the few who attain it keep the wealth creation events to themselves, and only share to those who seek their mentorship.

To become something that you’re not, you must change your attitude. And change must happen in every way possible. The difference between millionaires and the remaining populace is the change in their daily habits which subsequently lead to wealth creation. If your habits remain the same, you’d never gain financial freedom. You must show pure discipline for the new wealth creation habits to kick in and remain in you.


Here are a few habits you would need to imbibe if you want to be set on that part to becoming a millionaire:

10. Networking.
In the new millennium, we have so many new ways to get and stay connected. To network effectively, you have to network aggressively, not passively. Don’t wait for emails or phone calls to come to you. Instead, make an effort to reach out to others. Realize that networking is a daily habit.

11. Ask Questions.

Never assume anything, always ask questions. Asking helps you learn. It saves you efforts and mistakes. It ensures you’re smarter with every question asked. Rather than show people how intelligent you are, stay silent when they speak, so that you’ll keep learning. Getting answers to questions you’re unsure of will better help you determine the direction you’re headed.

12. Save to invest.

Most millionaires are not savers – they are investors.

Money sitting in the bank pays a pitiful amount of interest that will never amount to anything unless you have an incredibly high sum of it; and even then, investing it would still make you more money. With depreciation of the value of the dollar every year, you must invest money in order to gain from it.

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