Habits To Imbibe If You Want to Be A Millionaire

In spite of the economic recession in Nigeria and in most parts of Africa, millionaires are made everyday. While millions of people wonder what special feat got them to that position, the few who attain it keep the wealth creation events to themselves, and only share to those who seek their mentorship.

To become something that you’re not, you must change your attitude. And change must happen in every way possible. The difference between millionaires and the remaining populace is the change in their daily habits which subsequently lead to wealth creation. If your habits remain the same, you’d never gain financial freedom. You must show pure discipline for the new wealth creation habits to kick in and remain in you.


Here are a few habits you would need to imbibe if you want to be set on that part to becoming a millionaire:

1. Decide to be rich.

 This is probably the most important step to becoming a millionaire. Self-made millionaires have envisioned a life of riches and have decided to go for it. This decision is important, as it will be your drive and a constant source of inspiration at all times. When you see yourself as you have envisioned, you will work hard to achieve your goal.

2. Start Generating Multiple Streams of Income.

The wealthy are not dependent on any one source of income. They have multiple streams of revenue coming in, be that through a business they own, or a property they invested in. You must learn how to increase your revenue through multiple sources.

3. Wake up early.

If you’re serious about becoming a millionaire, you have to be willing to do what millionaires do – and that’s get up early.

Get up early in the morning. Use that extra time to improve yourself in some way, whether that’s reading, studying, networking or something else.

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