University of Lagos State Shut Down Indefinately

The management of the Lagos State University (LASU) has on Thursday ordered the close-down of the University. This was made known in a circular that was issued on Thursday, following protests by the students due to the awful supply of power and poor supply of water.


In the circular, the institution made it known that the disclosure was because of the hard times being experienced by the students who are living far from the campus to come for classes due to the unending fuel crisis.

So many students were seen blocking the entrance leading into the university on Thursday. They also blocked the access to the senate building and also the Assembly Hall, where the Vice Chancellor was attending a meeting.

The Management of the University made it clear through the circular that all academic activities have been put on hold, so as to stop more breakdown of law and order.

“The senate said they are aware of the problem and that it’s a national issue that both the state and the federal government are working tirelessly to tackle”, the circular stated.

All students were ordered by the management to leave for their homes immediately.

“The school will be opened for normal activities as soon as the services have been improved”, the circular stated.

The unending fuel crisis in Nigeria is seemingly getting more severe by the day, as a litre of fuel which was formerly sold for about N87 now goes for N200. This in turn results in the increase in cost of transportation, resulting in the increase in the cost of so many goods in the market.

It is on the grounds of expenses and the hardship being faced by the students that made them come out in protest. It is a general prayer that the price of fuel will get back to normal soon, as this will greatly help the economy of the country, and as a result, Lagos State University can get back to its normal activities in peace.


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