Mugabe and the Art of Spin!!!

Why does Mugabe keep on winning elections in Zimbabwe?

What does it take to win an election in Zimbabwe?


Some Governments have mastered the art of spinning a story and others are still to learn.

Spin is the ways and strategies used to promote a favourable public image.

An example of a negative spin is the Zimbabwean president Robert Mugabe falls off stairs in Harare. We all know that it is human to fall off stairs and we don’t necessarily need to apologise or explain ourselves for falling but not in Zimbabwe.

Here is the explanation of the Zim authorities as reported by the Sunday mail.

“President Mugabe showed that he is mentally agile by having the reflexes to break that fall and that he is physically fit by walking away unscathed,”

“The incident proved why Zimbabweans vote for him consistently: he is as mentally alert and physically capable as he has ever been,” the paper said.

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