Nigeria’s Most Popular Jewellery Designers

Nigeria, renowned for its rich cultural diversity and artistic flair, boasts a vibrant community of jewellery designers who blend tradition with contemporary aesthetics. From intricate beadwork to avant-garde designs, here are some of Nigeria’s most popular jewellery designers making waves both locally and internationally:

1. Lanre da Silva Ajayi

Lanre da Silva Ajayi is celebrated for her luxurious and intricately crafted jewellery pieces that often incorporate traditional Nigerian motifs and materials. Her designs, which blend African heritage with a modern twist, have been showcased on international runways and worn by celebrities.

2. Jewel by Lisa (Lisa Folawiyo)

Lisa Folawiyo, known for her avant-garde approach to fashion and jewellery, creates pieces that are bold and eclectic. Her jewellery line, Jewel by Lisa, features statement necklaces, cuffs, and earrings that combine traditional African beads with contemporary design elements.

3. Nike Ogunlesi (Nike Art Gallery)

Nike Ogunlesi, founder of the Nike Art Gallery, is renowned for her intricate beadwork and craftsmanship. Her jewellery designs often reflect Yoruba cultural influences, featuring beads in vibrant colors and traditional patterns that symbolize themes such as royalty and spirituality.

4. Gogo Majin

Gogo Majin is celebrated for her unique jewellery designs that blend African aesthetics with modern elegance. Her pieces often feature bold geometric shapes, mixed metals, and semi-precious stones, reflecting her innovative approach to contemporary African jewellery.

5. Zainab Ashadu (Zashadu)

While primarily known for her luxury leather goods, Zainab Ashadu of Zashadu also creates exquisite jewellery pieces. Her designs often incorporate minimalist aesthetics with a focus on sustainable materials, reflecting her commitment to craftsmanship and ethical fashion practices.

6. Ella & Gabby (Ada Mgbudem)

Ella & Gabby, founded by Ada Mgbudem, offers a range of jewellery that celebrates Nigerian cultural heritage. Their designs feature traditional motifs such as coral beads and cowrie shells, crafted into contemporary necklaces, bracelets, and earrings.

7. Gbenga Artsmith

Gbenga Artsmith is recognized for his bold and innovative jewellery designs that cater to both men and women. His creations often feature intricate metalwork, colorful gemstones, and cultural motifs that celebrate Nigerian traditions and craftsmanship.

8. Almasanta Jewelry (Funmi Adewole)

Almasanta Jewelry, founded by Funmi Adewole, specializes in bespoke jewellery pieces that blend Nigerian craftsmanship with global influences. Her designs often incorporate precious metals and gemstones, showcasing a commitment to quality and artistic expression.

9. Gogo Lagos (Oyindamola Fakeye)

Gogo Lagos, led by Oyindamola Fakeye, offers a range of jewellery that combines traditional Nigerian techniques with contemporary design. Their pieces often feature intricate beadwork, brass elements, and unique textures that highlight Nigeria’s cultural diversity.

10. Adele Dejak

Adele Dejak, originally from Nigeria and now based in Kenya, is known for her bold and sculptural jewellery designs. Her pieces often feature recycled materials and brass, reflecting her commitment to sustainability and ethical fashion practices.

These talented jewellery designers not only showcase Nigeria’s rich cultural heritage but also contribute to the global fashion industry with their innovative designs and craftsmanship. Whether celebrating traditional motifs or pushing the boundaries of contemporary fashion, these designers continue to shape the narrative of Nigerian jewellery on both local and international stages.

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