Top 10 Nigerian Celebrities with the Most Expensive Cars

Having an expensive car we know is the in thing and celebrities will not disappoint in acquiring these ridiculously expensive but sleek cool toys.

These are 10 Nigerian celebrity cars that will totally knock you off your feet.

1. Wizkid

wizkid's car

Ayodeji Balogun Ibrahim, the Star Boy artiste better known as Wizkid got himself a present in the form of a Bentley Continental which cost him a whooping 45 million Naira. It is a sleek ride with super-luxury premium two doors offered as a coupe or convertible with an extensive range of drive-trains and performance levels.

Wizkid also has a Porshe Panamera S and plenty others.


2. Davido

davido cars

The self proclaimed Omo Baba Olowo is one crazy fanatic of cars and he recently got himself a new toy in the form of a Porsche Turbo S.

3. Jim Iyke


The talented actor may have dreamt of an F1 racer when he was a kid because he just got for himself a Plymouth Prowler Conertible with a top speed of 118mph (180km/hr)!!!

4. Peter Okoye

peter okoye cars

Peter Okoye has a super sexy 2014 Bentley Continental GT which can go up tp 200-mph.

5. Obafemi Martins

obafemi martins car

The sexy footballer has got a Mercedes Benz which costs a screaming 91Million Naira!!!



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