10 Interesting facts about Condom Use

Check out this list of 25 Interesting facts about Condom Use


1. What do you intend to achieve on this day?

We hope to increase public awareness on safer sex and its benefits, promote condom use and educate the public on proper use of condoms.

2. So, why are you promoting Condom Use?

The fact is that using a condom makes sex 10,000 times safer than not using a condom. Some studies have also shown that condom-use prolongs erections, debunking the myth that condoms reduce sexual pleasure.

3. Are condoms really effective?

If used correctly and consistently condoms are highly effective. They act as a barrier to prevent one partners getting into contact with the sexual fluids of the other partner.

4. I am told that some condoms burst during intercourse. What may cause condoms to burst?

Condom bursting may be due to:

  • friction caused by lack of foreplay
  • incorrect use such as failure to squeeze the air out of the tip when putting the condom on to create space for the semen,
  • Using the wrong lubrication i.e. Vaseline or other oil-based products which weakens the rubber

5. Is it necessary to use condoms when one is HIV positive?

  • Yes, even when both the partners are infected, to avoid re-infection. Everyone’s virus is slightly different, using your own DNA to replicate. Re-infection add strain on the immune system, weakening it.
  • If one partner is negative and the other positive it is important to maintain condom use to ensure that the HIV negative partner does not contract the virus.


6. Why do some people develop irritations when they use condoms?

Some people are allergic to rubber/ latex from which condoms are made. However, in circumstances where irritation continues seek medical attention or access condoms which are made of other materials such as polyurethane (plastic)

7. What should you do if a condom remains in a woman’s vagina after sex?

You can avoid this situation by withdrawing immediately after ejaculating, before the penis becomes flaccid. If it does happen, don’t panic. Tell the person to squat with knees wide apart and insert two fingers and pull out the condom. Don’t worry; it will not go further than that and it will not affect your partner’s health. You or your partner can remove it easily with your fingers.

8. Does using two condoms at the same time provide double protection?

No. One condom if used correctly is enough to provide you with adequate protection.

9. Does using both a male and female condom at the same time provide more protection?

No. A couple can decide to use either a male or female condom but not both at the same time. The friction between the two rubber surfaces can lead to damage

10. Is it okay to apply Vaseline/creams on a condom for lubrication?

No. Vaseline and other oil-based lubricants such as baby oil weaken the rubber and cause the condom to tear.

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