‘No room for gays in Kenya’ – Ruto

NAIROBI – “No room for homosexual” in kenya, so says the Deputy president of Kenya, this statement is causing problems within the “international community” and has upset western donnors, this remark was made in a church service on sunday.
the US Secretary of State John Kerry has arrived for talks with the Kenyan government and it is no secret that the United States has been at the forefront of calls for gay rights in Africa and criticises anti-gay laws on the continent.
“The Republic of Kenya is a republic that worships God. We have no room for gays and those others,” Ruto told a Nairobi church congregation in the national Swahili language, according to an online video posted by Kenyan broadcaster KTN.
1. how should african governments deal with the issue of homosexuals?
2. is the USA or any other government have the right to dictate to African government which laws should be past?
3. what is the role and limitations of foreign aid in Africa?
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