10 True Funny Africa Facts

Africa is a place of fun, joy laughter. It is a continent that a billion people call home. But there are some funny things that are happening, others that are thought to be happening. Those things make us laugh and below are a list of 10.



  1. Zambia had a space program in 1962 Zambia, the intention was to be the nation on earth to have a man on the moon, and they intended to use a catapult firing system to send 10 men on the moon. Needless to say that it never occurred and the one girl member of the group was impregnated by one of the astronaut.


  1. Buildings in Tunisia normally have fish bones embedded in them to ward off evil spirits.


  1. Ever wondered why the Nigerian population is increasing at a fast pace, the reason is simply because it has the highest rate of twin births in the world.


  1. One of Lesotho’s major claims to fame is being the crash site of an alleged UFO in 1995. That explains the hat and the blanket.


  1. Out of all the areas of land that made up the super continent of Pangea, Africa has moved the least, this is literally and figuratively.


  1. The spice girls believed beyond all reason that Timbuktu is located in China not in Mali. This is evident in one of the songs


  1. Many believe that Mogadishu in Somali is the world’s most dangerous city. In fact it is fourth coming in just one place higher than Washington, DC.



  1. The world’s biggest frog measures over one foot long and can be found in Cameroon.
  1. Most Africans would like to immigrate to the west
  1. Africa is full of water but the majority of Africans can’t swim.



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