15 Signs of maturity

The signs that proves that you are mature, although it is always pleasing to see people reach it earlier and others reach it late, but the idea is to get there. Here are 15 signs that are a good indication that you’ve grown up.


  1. You don’t have that many friends anymore
  2. You talk less and act more
  3. You always plan to start exercise but never really start
  4. You realise the importance of good education
  5. You now talk to your parents more often and actually enjoy it
  6. You start to use smart words like “priorities”
  7. You don’t care what people think of you
  8. You are no longer bitter about your exes
  9. The phrase “Stupidity is not a handicap” makes sense to you
  10. You have the same friends for more than 20 years
  11. You often begin sentences with “Last time…” and “When I was younger…”
  12. You gain weight with ease. Even breathing makes you fat

15. You start to look at babies and smile while reminiscing about your past

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