Nigerian super star Yemi Alade apologises to her fans forgetting her “Johny”

Nigerian super star Yemi Alade apologises to fans for failing to perform at Berlin show…

The Nigerian singer, Yemi Alade who is currently on her European tour, which has seen her performe in Paris, Lyon, Switzerland, Frankfurt, Italy and others.


The singer was forced to cancel her performance in Berlin because she arrived at the venue late.  The performance was meant for March 15, 2015. The many disappointed fans got their tickets refunded. In her statement she blamed the organizers who had told her to arrive at the venue by 2:00 AM but she arrived 30 minutes later than that which is 2:30 AM but the show was meant to have started by 22:00 PM the previous day.

She is quoted to having said ‘The show promoters told me to come at 2:00, but I came at 2:30 am. I didn’t know they have been waiting since 22:00”

Half the audience had left by the time she arrived and that the rest were violent towards her as they felt cheated but she cooled them off by telling them to go fetch their money. Just begs the question of timing and organisation, at least in this case it seems as if it wasn’t her fault since we know that she has been looking for her “Johny”

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