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African Newspapers 6 things you need to know this Morning

African Newspapers 6 things you need to know this Morning:

  1. The terrorist attack which happened on Wednesday in Tunis has once again awoken emotions across the world. Many world leaders have shown solidarity with the Tunisian people. The slogan “Je suis tunisie” is once again brought to the front
  2. In an audio recording broadcasted on Thursday, Islamic states (ISIS or ISIL) has taken responsibility for the attack of “musée du Bardo” in Tunis.
  3. Sierra Leone as announced that 2.5 million people living in the capital city of Freetown will be quarantined because of Ebola
  4. Switzerland has indicated this week that it had repaid to Nigeria, the amount of $ 380 million which had been stolen by the former Nigerian president Sani Abacha during the 1990s.
  5. Kenya Airways has reduced the number of flights to Dar es Salaam after Tanzania imposed frequency restrictions over a diplomatic row between the two countries. The national carrier, which on Tuesday retired 10 of its senior pilots in an attempt to cut down losses, said in a statement that it was reducing its weekly flights to Tanzania from 42 to 14 effective immediately.
  6. Sierra Leone leader Ernest Bai Koroma has appointed and sworn in a new vice president, the presidency said Thursday, a day after the sacked deputy vowed to appeal to the Supreme Court. In a statement it said Victor Bockarie Foh, a veteran powerbroker in the ruling party and most recently ambassador to China, had been named “due to the vacancy of the post”



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