Congolese girl invents an electric car

The electric car that she invented is already on the market. The Senator from Ohio and the Governor of that State had the opportunity to congratulate the young Congolese for her prowess.

Sandrine Mubenga, a resident in the Usa, was honored by the Congolese community based in Washington DC with the Trophy “Nkoyi Mérite” in 2009 for doing professional job and leading in the electrical engineering profession.

This is not the first time that Sandrine Ngalula Mubenga was noted for her scientific prowess and has amazed the general public by her inventions. Indeed, after having lived in several countries(Congo, France, Belgium, Senegal), at the age of 12 years Mubenga Sandrine found herself in Kikwit in Bandundu. The city of Kikwit had at that time no water or electricity. Those who could had to buy a generator for the current. This impacted her world view

And at the age of 17, Mubenga was seriously ill and needed emergency surgery. Unfortunately, the General Hospital of Kikwit had no fuel to start the generator. During three days of waiting, Mubenga life depended on electricity.

Sandrine Mubenga considers her sugery as an opportunity and a blessing because other people are dying because of the lack of electricity. It is at this point that Mubenga realized the need for electricity and decided to do something to change the situation. In the 21st century it is unacceptable to die due to lack of electricity. Mubenga decides on becoming an engineer.

In 2005, she won with her in Electrical Engineering Degree from the University of Toledo in the State of Ohio. Her perseverance in academic work leads to many other awards and prizes in addition to appearances in American newspapers such Toledo Blade, UTNews.

In the final year, it will be more noticed by the invention that will carry a portable solar system that provides electricity from a solar panel.

Passionate about alternative and renewable energy, she continued training to create and integrate solar photovoltaic systems. Working for Advanced Distributed Generation, the largest solar system installer in the US Midwest, it has the opportunity to design and install more solar systems in the city of Toledo in Ohio.

Always passionate about alternative energy, Mubenga returned to school to pursue a Masters in Electrical Engineering specialization Power, under the wing of Dr. Stuart, a professor known in the field and owns several recognized inventions to his credit. Besides this eminent scientist and his research Mubenga a demonstration on alternative energy technologies. She makes a hybrid electric vehicle incorporating a hydrogen fuel cell. The car rolls created using hydrogen as a fuel and direct electricity.

This is a car that does not pollute and whose only waste product is pure water. Indeed the fuel cell uses hydrogen gas and air to produce direct current. This current is then used by an electric motor that turns the wheels of a car. Once this car runs from hydrogen, the second part of this Project is to generate hydrogen.

She is not only the pride of Congo but of Africa as well

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