Factors Which Affect Career Choices For Students [2]

Career selection is one of the main important choice in students plans. This choice of decision will have impact on them throughout their lives. The essence of who the students are, will revolve around what the students wants to do with his or her greatest blessings. Everyone is always eager to have honest occupation. The way the students perceive their environment for example, students who have hired on an island may choose a career dealing with water or they may choose to leave the island behind and never to have any thing to do with water again.


Parents’ educational and occupational background may affect students choice of career because some students may contemplate on whether to continue with their parents occupation or not. What the students see in the television also may affect their career choice some careers demand that you have the personality to match the qualities of the occupation. For these reasons the necessity of a guidance counsellor on schools cannot be over emphasized. A career guidance counsellor is needed to unreliable and dangerous source in search of career information such as culture peer groups which can lead to their graduating into armed robbery and other criminal business unintentionally.

Here are a few factors which affect students’ career choices:

4. Individual Factors

Many factors shape learning and development. These factors continue to play a role in the choices young adults make about education and careers. According to the book “Development Through Life” by Barbara M. Newman and Phillip R. Newman, these individual factors include “abilities, achievement needs, attitudes, and self-expectancies.” The authors contend that individual factors are the most influential in career choice. Often a student who is better with language than art arrives at a career choice emphasizing this natural talent for communication.

5. Parental Influence

Parental orientation holds no less importance. Obviously, family is an excellent source of advice on one’s career choice. Being with you ever since your birth, your parents fully understand your potential as well as personality, therefore they can offer you suitable suggestions. Thus, when taking advice from your parents, you have no fear of dishonesty or deception.

6. Family Tradition

People are heavily affected by their family traditional job. Because of being raised in a working environment, one can easily develop a natural passion for the job. Parents also tend to guide their children to follow the job tradition, to make sure the family fortune is inherited by its member for example. With no doubt, parental guidance is a critical element in one’s career choice.

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