Fans Blast Tools For Giving Wrong Relationship Advice to Ladies

Beat FM OAP, Tolu ‘Toolz’ Oniru, has been under fire since her ‘alter ego’ decided to leave her job as a Radio star and became a relationship counselor.

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The curvy wife of Captain Tunde Demuren took to her Instagram page a while ago and captioned the meme she shared thus ‘’Break ke?? Don’t mind him….he’s just a bit unsure cos some pesky beings are trying to distract him. In fact this is when you need to do the most. Give him a ‘day-off’ from the relationship, but don’t be idle. Go visit his mum..talk aso-ebi colours, make his dad some lunch…take it to his office. Call his boys for a hangout….they are your friends too now. Go surprise his siblings at work or school…Bisi is your lil sis now too. It doesn’t matter that you’ve only been dating for 6 weeks. No…you aren’t crazy…you are just a strong woman who knows what she wants …..and goes after it. Break ke…loool…abeg what do you want for dinner jare? (When my alter-ego gives relationship advice hehehe)’’.

Many who saw this did not take this as lightly as it sounded.

After the post, lots of her fans have been in support, while others have been against such advice. While some are of the opinion that it is an ‘end-time’ advice which should be given only to desperate ladies. Others are in support with the argument that only strong women would go that far.

Many people rained all sorts of abuses on her, and expressed their disappointment at what a public figure and a supposed role model for ladies would advise them to do in their relationships.

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