Help, Can God forgive me?

Dear Editor

My name is michael. I grew up in a very nice family. I am the first born of a family of 7 children.

My father is a garden boy and my mother is house maid.

Whilst at university I met this girl called Jennifer, she was very beautiful and she was my first love.

Jennifer introduced me to a her family and I was really enjoying the life.

They gave me money and cars and promised me the best life after university.

Her father was always nice to me, he took me to his business meetings where I met his friends.

One day, Jenifer took me to a house by the mountain, and there were lots of people standing in a big room. They asked me to join their group and I refused because they all wore black gowns.

They asked me to pay back everything they gave me, I said that I didn’t have the money but they wouldn’t hear it. So they beat me very hard.

I was kept there for 36 days. My family thought that I had gone for a school trip. And during those days many things happened. I am even shy to mention it to you.

I was forced to join their secret society. They gave me blood to drink.

I was given the mission to impregnate girls so that their babies can be used to further our interest by giving us strength and power.

I am tired of this life, I want out but can Jesus forgive me?

Please help


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