“I Will Either Remain Single or Marry A White Man” – Says Toyin Aimakhu

Nollywood actress Toyin Aimakhu has given up on black men. She has vowed to remain single unless she is tying nuptial knots with a white man, not an African man. The ‘Iya Ibadan’ is currently separated from her husband Adeniyi Johnson.

Toyin Aimakhu

In a recent unscripted video of herself on her official channel KUWTATV, she revealed that she would not be walking down the aisle very soon except it is with a white man.

” I got married to a Yoruba man. Baba (referring to Niyi) likes women too much so i ran away. But i still love Niyi. But I can’t marry you again! Marriage? Married women dey try oh… May God give me the strength to marry again. Marriage! I don’t thimk it can work again. It’s better I remain single or I’ll go marry a white”. She said.

A lot of women in Nigeria and in Africa as a whole have made this same statement at one point or the other in their marriage or relationships. However, one thing is not clear. Are these women insinuating that African men are promiscuous and white men are not?

A Nigerian lady once said “…leaving your man because he cheated is like leaving your country because it rained. It rains everywhere…”

What then could be the cause of this strange mentality spreading across the continent about African men not being able to stick to one woman even when married to her? It is probably the fact that the ancient African culture permitted and still to a large extent, in many regions permits a man to be married to two or more women.

Some men who are not against cheating on their women hide under the African culture which applauds a man that has two or more wives as compared to those with one wife.

This probably explains the resolution that famous actress Toyin has made – to either remain single or marry a white man.

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