Kinshasa: hundreds of bodies buried in a mass grave in Maluku

Approximately 455 bodies have been found in a mass grave in Kinshasa, the bodies have been buried for the past 2 weeks in the cemetery of Fula Fula in urban-rural area of Maluku in Kinshasa. The discovery was made by the people of that area of the capital. they immediately called the United nations to denounce the foul smell of bodies.

The UN mission, in turn, appealed to the prosecutor asking him to investigate this issue. Some reliable sources claimed that they are bodies of those who died during the events of the last 19 to 21 January in the capital.

During these three days, the opposition had organized demonstrations to denounce the amendment of the electoral law then under discussion in Parliament.

In a report released Friday, April 3 in Kinshasa, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of the Interior and Security, Evariste Boshab Mabudj, rejected the version that the bodies buried in the mass grave were victims of riots in January in the capital.

He said the number of victims of these events were well known [12 dead by official sources and 42 according to the International Federation of Human Rights].

For Evariste Boshab, it is forgotten people, long kept at the central morgue of the Kinshasa General Hospital, formerly Mama Yemo and buried by the Kinshasa City Hall on an application for the management of the morgue.

Deputy Prime Minister for the Interior also said that the government was willing to exhume the body, if the application was made, or if any doubt remained.

For transparency, Evariste Boshab promised to make his report available to all.

In addition to members of the UNJHRO, other organizations participated in the meeting with the Congolese NGO Human Rights, Human Rights Watch, members of the government and the leaders of the security services.

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