Natural Hair: How To Make It Soft [contd]

If you have curls, coils or waves then you are probably very familiar with the term shrinkage. Most of us have it but the problem arises when your shoulder length hair turns into a TWA. As cute as the TWA look is, if you’ve worked hard to get the length, then you probably want to show it off from time to time.


Here are some ways to stretch your coils and show off that length!


This method does not only soften the hair; it stretches it too.

I try to do this method on an old wash and go that has already lost most of its definition because it tends to distort my curl pattern and change my wash and go coils into braid out waves. Therefore, if you want to maintain your curl pattern, then ensure that you braid very loosely.

  1. Begin by separating a small section of your hair and tying off the rest loosely.
  2. Then take that smaller section and loosely braid it all the way to the end, or leave about  2 inches of hair at the end to preserve the curl pattern if you are trying to stretch a wash and go or braid/twist-out.

Try as we might, there will come a time in our life when our hair gets as dry and as hard as a brick. This is our hair’s way of crying out for some special treatment, so every now and again we should set aside some spa time for our hair and consider using one of the following conditioning treatments, many of which have a ‘softening’ side effect.

To be continued…

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