Nonso Diobi Survives Ghastly Accident

Nollywood actor and producer, Nonso Diobi was involved in a Ghastly motor accident yesterday, 18th April 2016.


nonso leg

The actor posted the picture on his instagram page and asked his fans to put him in their daily prayers.

The 40 year old actor shared a picture of the injured leg on instagram.

“Had an accident yesterday evening, my leg all plastered up but i believe that sometimes God allows some things to happen to people so we can know who our true friends are”, he said.

“If you have or know anyway you can help me heal faster, please do and always put me in your daily prayers… Thank u and I love u all.”

The Glo ambassador began his acting career while studying at Nnamdi Azikiwe university and he was paid N15,000 for his first Nollywood job.

Describing his childhood, Nonso once said: “Growing up was tough, it was filled with challenges because I didn’t come from a rich family.”

“I struggled through everything. In my family we have to work to get what we wanted and because my mum is a strong woman she never gave up on us.”

“Things were so hard back then that I had to sell cheap clothes to my friends in school just to survive, that memory makes me laugh compared to my life now.”

Nonso Diobi is a prolific actor, a producer, a director, businessman, an entrepreneur, GLO ambassador, and above it all, a philanthropist. He was born on July 17, 1976 in Enugu to Mr. Diobi’s family.

Nonso Diobi is one of the most prolific Nollywood actors that have featured in over 60 movies in over a decade.



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