RRS Arrests Fuel Station Manager and Assistant

The Lagos State Rapid Respone Squad and the Department of Petroleum Resources Task Force recently arrested the manager and deputy manager of Oando filling station at Otedola Bridge in Lagos state for hoarding fuel and selling in jerry cans for exorbitant prices.


Led by its commander, Assistant Commissioner of Police, Tunji Disu, and Divisional Police Officer, Isheri Police station, Superintendent Olohunwa Ogundele, the RRS team, Qed.ng learnt acted on tip off from members of the public.

Nigerians are experiencing the worst level of fuel scarcity since the birth of the nation. This has affected the economy of the nation as well that of many business owners, especially the transport workers.

In all this however, while the masses suffer, many having to wait in long queues before buying the product, some managers of these filling stations are obviously smiling to the banks. It is not hard to believe that many even make up to N800,000 per month as they divert the fuel into jerry cans which finally land in the black markets.

Luck ran out on one of such managers as the officials stormed the filling station arresting him and his assistant who is also the accountant.It was disclosed that the officials discovered several hidden containers of fuel which belonged to the manager of the filling station, while the masses waited outside endlessly for the product.

He was arrested as a deterrent to others.

It is the hope of the Nigerians that the fuel scarcity would come to an end soon, even though it appears to be worsening everyday as fuel attendants also join their managers in hoarding the product and claiming to act on the instructions of their bosses while maltreating customers and buyers.

Hopefully, by the end of the month of April, it will be a different story.

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