Tips to Control Excessive Sweating [3]

Sweating is your body’s natural way of keeping you cool in hot temps—but how much perspiration is too much?

If you’re sweating so much that it makes you uncomfortable and affects your social life, schooling, or job, that’s when it should be considered a problem.

Are you embarrassed by those always-expanding sweat stains under in your armpits? If you have these problems, then know you’re not alone. You could be experiencing a medical condition called hyperhidrosis, but even if you don’t have a medical condition, and you just seem to sweat a lot, you can take steps to keep wetness and odor from interfering with your life and clobbering your self-confidence.

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Here are a few tips to control excessive sweating:

7. Lose Some Weight:

If you’re overweight or obese, losing weight will help reduce the amount of sweating that you experience because the heavier you are, the more you’ll sweat because it’s harder it is to cool down efficiently.

8. Be Hygiene Conscious:

The odor of sweat can be reduced considerably by frequent hygiene practices that are very simple.

  • Have a daily bathing routine of either a shower or a bath and in particularly bad cases, consider bathing twice a day. Use a deodorant soap that will help to wipe out the bacteria that cause odor.
  • When you’re out and about, carry baby wipes or similar wipes that you can use underarm and on your body to mop up sweat quickly in the bathroom and feel fresh again.
  • Carry an antiperspirant with you at all times for quick touch-ups, especially after physical activity or a stressful experience. If you have a permanent workspace, keep a stick of antiperspirant in your desk drawer. Just make sure you don’t leave your antiperspirant in a hot car where it could melt.

9. Wear Layers:

Guys should wear cotton undershirts to absorb excess sweat, while women can wear an absorbent camisole or use sweat absorbing pads.

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