Wizkid and Linda Ikeji : The Feud Continues

While it is alleged that the feud between famous Nigerian entertainer Wizkid and star blogger Linda Ikeji began long before now, it is beginning to raise concern among fans because it gets hotter by the day. Just recently, Linda Ikeji published a story about Wizkid’s alleged eviction notice. This must have gotten the star musician really upset as he took to his instagram page to blast her, and insult her family. Wizkid also alleged that his director slept with her and abandoned her.

Wizkid and Linda Ikeji

In response to the insults, Linda also took to social media, calling Wizkid a child and further alleging that his Porsche car is on hire purchase. This made matters even worse, with Wizkid posting Linda’s old pictures on social media and writing nasty words over them.

Interestingly however, one could notice that while Wizkid seems to be extremely angry about all of this, Linda Ikeji’s attitude appears calm and collected, and not insultive. As a matter of fact, she said that she was only responding to his posts because of the affair he claimed she had with his director. She said his posts do not bother her, because it comes with the job. However, she said that she would continue to respond to any false claims or information he gives about her. She also mentioned that Wizkid is not 25 years as he claimed.

Interested followers of this story are uncertain as to when and how this feud would end because it has even graduated to the level of Wizkid’s fans and Linda Ikeji’s fans blasting each other on social media as well.

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