Zimbabwean army to invade United kingdom (UK)

A frustrated Robert Mugabe has decided that he has had enough of British criticism of his regime. This was after his birthday party, where Mr Mugabe has been reported to have eaten an elephant all by himself thereby upsetting grace who didn’t get a piece.

The British government was accused of thinking that they have the moral authority to lecture Mr Mugabe on his birthday. The Zimbabwean president is reported to have eaten an elephant.

The Zimbabwean government said “how can they think that they can lecture us? when some members of the royal family are known to be hunting foxes for pleasure, we hunt elephants to eat”

“Zimbabwe is a sovereign state, we eat what we like”, said a Zimbabwean government spokesman.

“Most of our farmers were descendant of colonisers, they all left and now we hungry, we have decided to go get our food in England. We will for the first time see black farmers in Europe.”

Great Britain is said to be worried at the prospect of having Mr Mugabe invade them.

An ex-Zimbabwean spy revealed that Zimbabwe has the best spies in the world; he made startling revelations that his country has been developing nuclear weapon.

The Zimbabwean military has grown.  They have been able to build new technologies which can rival the drown technologies and other technologies, but what is getting the world talking is that announcement that Mr Mugabe was born on Pluto.  And in Pluto years, he is just a teenagers therefore he will be with us for a very long time.

“I told them to keep the England and let me keep my Zimbabwe” said Mr Mugabe in an interview

“They are all angry because I didn’t invite them to my party, only my friends came”

David Cameron the British PM responded by saying that; “this is a classic case of David versus goliath”

He refused to clarify who was David and who was Goliath.

The condition that Mugabe has given to avoid war is simply, that the UK must give them food or they attack England or eat all the elephants.

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