10 of the Funniest African proverbs ever

African proverbs have deeper meanings, and require some kind of clarification. But there are those proverbs which you can’t help but laugh below is an example of 10 funny African proverbs.

  1. A short man is not a boy
  2. A child can play with its mother’s breasts, but not its father’s testicles
  3. There’s no virgin in a maternity ward
  4. The frown on the face of the goat will not stop it from being taken to the market
  5. It is well and good to hide your faeces at the bottom of the river; it will always goes back to the surface.
  6. If you are ugly, you must learn to dance or to make love
  7. A monkey that eats grass instead of banana, is a goat
  8. However much the buttocks are in a hurry they will always remain at the back
  9. You cannot run and scratch your ass at the same time
  10. Shit will smell, no matter how small
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