Top 5 things that proves that your woman is cheating

Cheating, this is one of the main causes for the breakage of relationships. Men are known to be possessive of their partners. African men see their partners as their crown, this is to say most African men think of themselves as some kind of “king”. Let us be honest, African women do cheat. How will you able to tell that your African queen has been unfaithful? or that you have lost your castle?


  1. She starts caring a lot more about her appearance than before.

Check out if the number of clothes in her wardrobe increases faster then Hussein bolt on a 100 meter race. Has she increased the amount of time she takes putting on her makeup and goes out more on an expected outing?

If you realised that, then she could be cheating.


  1. She starts finding your friends boring.


If she was cool with your friends and then suddenly changes her tunes like fally Ipupa on a stage in Saudi Arabia. She will complain that she is tired. She complains that your friends don’t have anything interesting to say.

You will need to open your eyes


  1. Has her sex drive decreased?


If you had a healthy sex life and then it suddenly is reduced or lost like funds in African government coffers, then pay attention. She could be getting her fix somewhere else. But sex generally also reflects the state of a relationship.


  1. She stops critizing you.


Even though this sounds like a good thing, it must shake you. If your women who had a big mouth like Rhino, and was loud like a vuvuzela, suddenly stops. Don’t celebrate, this could just mean that she could be sucking a different lollipop.


  1. You catch her on a lie.


There is nothing that hurts more than finding out that your lover is cheating. If you catch your woman on lie, and she looks guilty like Oscar Pistorius in court. Know that you will probably experience various emotions but answer this question and then decide your fate “ how many times do you get to lie before you are a liar?”

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