10 reasons Why Nigerian men are different

Nigeria is one of the most populated countries in Africa. There is about 175 million of Nigerians. You get them tall, short, long and small. You even get fat ones,skinny and thin ones. You get very intelligent and also very stupid people in that country. Basically what I am saying is that they are just like you and I. However here below are 10 things to consider before marrying or date a Nigerian man.

Nigerian men

  1. You will not understand a word he says when angry, because of the way he will flow from Pidgin English to his native tongue.
  2. In a weird way, Nigerian men think that the front gap between girls teeth is actually sexy
  3. He will end every sentence with “now”. Suffice to say that you will never know whether it’s command or just a simple invitation
  4. He will expect you to be a “good wife”. Begs the question of the meaning of that word. I will leave that to your imagination
  5. Careful, before marrying a Nigerian man in your country, ask for his legal status. If he is illegal than walk away.
  6. always ask him about his background before agreeing, you them fine nigerian, are usually taken by their Igwe’s daughter
  7. Nigerian man will tell you some beautiful words. There is a Nigerian saying which goes “a gentle word, a kind look, a good nurtured smile can work wonders and accomplish miracles.”
  8. Nigerian men lick their 10 fingers after a big meal of pepper soup and pounded yam. Better be strong to pound that yam, if you know what I mean.
  9. Nigerian men talks so loud on their cellphones, you will never distinguish between a pleasant conversation and an argument.
  10. When he will say “ I love you” , this maybe true but but because of his accent, you will always want to laugh because it may sound as a pleasantry.
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