10 Tips to Make More Sales In Business

In the new world of competition which we live in, making of sales is tougher than ever. Customers are less accessible, more skeptical and take longer to make a decision to buy. Before they sign the order, they not only want the salesperson to dance and do everything possible, but they want to make sure the price is right.


All this adds up to added frustration, slimmer margins, longer hours and even lower commissions. This is why everyone in sales needs an extra edge, even a slight advantage over the competition.

To make it easier, here are more effective tips to give yourself a selling advantage.

6. Become a valuable asset to your customers. Just attempting to add value to the product or service you sell misses the point today. That’s history. Now you must be an asset to your customers by demonstrating that you can enhance their business operations, their future, their well-being. Look for what you bring to your customers that tips the scales in your favor.

7. Don’t waste your customers’ time. In today’s downsized businesses,saving time is the customer’s highest priority and most valuable asset. Show customers that you understand their situation by being highly efficient. Figure out ways to reduce paperwork, unnecessary calls and extraneous communications. Make it clear that you refuse to rob them of their time.

8. Look at what you’re selling. Do you need to replace flagging lines by launching a new and improved offer? Would this enable you to make more sales? Remember, solution is evolution. Successful people know when it’s time to make changes.

9. Act decisively. Customers want to do business with people who are self-confident and professional. Waffling sends a message to customers that you are indecisive and unsure of yourself, perhaps even confused. Besides, indecisiveness signals vulnerability to the customer and this makes it difficult for you to hold your own.

10. Look for new niches. The customer landscape is changing. People want to deal with experts. Look for one or more niches (sometimes the smallest niches are the best because you can own the group) where you can become knowledgeable and the demonstrated expert.

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