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Apply For The Miller Social Entrepreneurship Programme

Social Entrepreneurship Programme 2016. Miller Center, sponsored by GE’s healthymagination commitment, seeks to help social entrepreneurs dedicated to the health of moms and children in sub-Saharan Africa.


In sub-Saharan Africa, far too many mothers and children needlessly die from complications during pregnancy and childbirth. Are you an entrepreneur providing health care products and services to mothers and children? This program is to help you and your organization, so that you can positively impact even more lives. You can also join in to receive custom business development training and individualized mentoring from proven Silicon Valley executives and GE health care experts.

Who Should Apply

  1. You are a leader of for-profit, non-profit, or hybrid enterprise
  2. Your organization is operational
  3. You want to grow your impact
  4. You are creating solutions for maternal and child health care in sub-Saharan Africa

Some of the benefits of this program are as follows.

Accelerate Your Business:

  1. Understand the business skills health care enterprises need to keep going and growing
  2. Receive weekly, in-depth mentoring from Silicon Valley executives
  3. Receive specialized support from senior-level GE experts
  4. Build a stronger business plan
  5. Prepare a financial plan for growth
  6. Attain operational excellence

Benefit Your Community:

  1. Reduce the number of preventable deaths of pregnant women and babies
  2. Improve affordability, quality and efficiency of health care through the use of GE Products, like vital sign monitors and infant warmers
  3. Provide access to surgical care in regions that need it most

To Apply for Miller Center Social Entrepreneurship Program, click here: http://bit.ly/1NWXfM8



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