12 Reasons He Has Not Yet Proposed [3]

Every relationship that’s not clearly defined is an absolute waste of years and commitment. So many adults claim to be “in a relationship” without a logical purpose. It’s always a disheartening experience, if after so many years of making a relationship work, you then discover that the relationship has a future but without you in the picture. Being in a supposed serious relationship with your partner must involve visible signs of commitment and long-living. At that point, you can’t afford to be disappointed; you should know what you represent in the relationship. If you find yourself thinking that a proposal will show that he really loves you or you’re just worried why he hasn’t proposed or you’ve been together for years and it seems there’s no plan of having you-two, living together-forever, here are specific signs to observe and critically consider.


7. He’s been listening to his friends too much.

Friends generally mean well.

However, there are times in life when they need to be completely ignored on certain subjects.

If each friend is giving your man suggestions as to how to pop the marriage question, he might be more confused than he ever was in the beginning.

8. He’s content with the way things are at the moment.

It is a known fact that women generally are more bothered than men about the ticking of their biological clock.

You just might have a guy who’s completely happy with how your relationship is currently going.

He might be so pleased with the way you two are that he doesn’t see any reason to alter the course with talk of marriage.

While you might see marriage as the next step in your relationship, he might see it as a side-step that will mess the great thing you two have right now.

9. If his mother doesn’t like you.

It’s no comics that some men are totally controlled by their mother and we have those whose decisions could be highly influenced by their mother. Young lady, instead of wasting your time while waiting forever, just watch the mother’s body language, you could have a clue if she want you around her son.

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