12 Reasons He Has Not Yet Proposed [4]

Every relationship that’s not clearly defined is an absolute waste of years and commitment. So many adults claim to be “in a relationship” without a logical purpose. It’s always a disheartening experience, if after so many years of making a relationship work, you then discover that the relationship has a future but without you in the picture. Being in a supposed serious relationship with your partner must involve visible signs of commitment and long-living. At that point, you can’t afford to be disappointed; you should know what you represent in the relationship. If you find yourself thinking that a proposal will show that he really loves you or you’re just worried why he hasn’t proposed or you’ve been together for years and it seems there’s no plan of having you-two, living together-forever, here are specific signs to observe and critically consider.


10. He’s seeing someone else.

It is very good to be optimistic, but we can not rule out the fact that your man might not be seeing just you. I guess it would be better that he decided not to propose because he’s started seeing someone else rather than propose and continue to cheat on you.

Either way, it’s a crappy scenario.

I sincerely hope this never is the case in any relationship, but I know it does happen.

11. Religion differences and family acceptance. 

This sometimes could be complex. Where the wedding will hold, what prayers will be said etc. A lot comes with religion differences. If he comes from a family where their beliefs are considered uttermost. It would be difficult for you to be accepted, hence, he won’t propose unless he chooses to stand against his family or win their mind over.

12. He’s waiting for the right moment.

Some guys are true romantics when it comes to popping the big question.

The timing has to be completely perfect.

To the romantic type of guy, there’s only one chance to get it right, so he’s waiting until he’s positive that he’s come across the right moment to ask you to marry him.

The best part about being in a relationship with a romantic is the amazing display he’s capable of when he finally does ask you to marry him.

Out of all these reasons he has not proposed to you, only number 1 is one I wouldn’t be upset with.

If you are waiting for your man to ask you to marry him, then I hope it’s because he’s coming up with the perfect time to ask you.

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